Digital Society Recorings 2015 - The Yearmix

Gemaakt door: Cold Rush, geplaatst op: 19 Dec 2015.

Cold Rush is een Trance mixer en heeft dit jaar een dikke jaarmix gemaakt van precies 30 minuten.

Zelf schrijft hij:

"At its best, Digital Society Recordings 2015 - The Yearmix is trying to shove a mosaic of sounds from their respected in-house artists into a collage, with tracks being noticeable by how special they are. At 25 tracks, and 2 hours of feelings and emotions, Digital Society Recordings 2015 - The Yearmix mixed by Cold Rush is much longer than 2014’s edition, which had no less than 18 tracks. However, sequencing is the heart of any compilation and DSR 2015 Yearmix palpitates from its sheer number and quality, being judged by how many different genres, sounds, ideas he can congeal into a coherent album. Cold Rush that is."